Volatile stock markets spark optimism among Canada Pension Plan Fund economists, a historic handshake between Korean rivals, and Canada’s military goes shopping for pot goggles.

1) Keep calm and carry on

It’s been a haywire week for investors as U.S. stocks unexpectedly plummeted, triggering one of the biggest market sell-offs in years.

Despite the anxiety-inducing headlines, the CEO of the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board said he isn’t too worried, and that the CPP’s portfolio is “well set up to weather this type of volatility.”

2) Cooling tensions?

North Korea and South Korea have been bitterly divided for decades, and escalating nuclear missile tests by Kim Jong-Un have heightened fears of an all-out nuclear war.

But on Friday, those tensions briefly thawed as Kim Jong-Un’s sister shook hands with South Korean President Moon-Jae-in at the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Games.

Both sides broke out into smiles, and the two briefly chatted.

U.S. Vice-President Mike Pence, who arrived after the handshake, did not interact with the North Koreans.

3) Pot goggles

The Canadian Forces is in the market for so-called pot “goggles” that members of the military can wear to learn the effects of smoking marijuana first-hand.

The military posted a notice outlining its search for 26 marijuana simulation kits. Vendors typically make bids to win a contract from the government.

According to the listing, the purpose of the kits is to “raise awareness of marijuana impairment, reduce risk of marijuana impairment, and promote healthy lifestyles within the Canadian Armed Forces.”