A man has been found guilty in the Amanda Lindhout affair, and Montreal’s police chief has been suspended. Plus, the best videos of the year and a newly discovered extinct species.

1. Justice for journalist: A Somali man has been found guilty in the 2008 kidnapping of Canadian journalist Amanda Lindhout.

2. Top cop replaced: Quebec has suspended Montreal’s police chief after a report found "confidence of civil and police personnel in the police leadership at an extremely worrying level."

3. Head east young man: The mayor of Saint John, N.B., is using his city’s low home prices and short commutes to try and convince Torontonians and Vancouverites to relocate.

4. Train attack: A hijab-wearing Muslim girl says she was verbally and physically assaulted on a Vancouver commuter train because of her faith.

5. Best videos list: YouTube has released its list of top videos for 2017. It includes Des-pa-cito and a sea lion in B.C. that snatched a little girl.

And … ICYMI:

Australian researchers have announced the discovery of an extinct species of marsupial lion that they’re calling “Wakaleo schouteni.”

Sea lion, justin bieber and rey from Star Wars