Philippines president says he was insulted by PM Justin Trudeau, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he didn’t lie under oath about his contact with Russians, and Tim Hortons employees in Ontario return $3,000 in misplaced cash. Plus, why feminists aren’t pleased with the new “Justice League” film.

Trudeau’s ‘official insult’: In contrast to U.S. President Donald Trump, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau directly raised human-rights concerns with Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte after this week’s summit. Duterte, who is accused of running a campaign of extrajudicial killings, called it a “personal and official insult.”

Jeff Sessions testifies: U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions told Congress he never lied under oath about Russian interference in the 2016 election and suggested that sleep deprivation and the "chaos" of the Trump campaign clouded his recollections.

Deadly shooting: A gunman “randomly picking targets” opened fire in a rural California town on Tuesday, killing at least four people at several sites and wounding others at an elementary school before police shot him dead.

Tim Hortons hero: A man who misplaced $3,000 of cash set aside for his son’s university tuition is saying thanks to honest employees at an Ontario Tim Hortons.

‘Our little miracle’: For the first time in Canada, doctors have successfully performed in-utero surgery on a fetus with spina bifida. Baby Eiko, born weeks after the surgery, is now doing great, her mom said.


Some feminists are concerned that the new male-directed film “Justice League” features warrior women wearing skimpier versions of the outfits they wore in the female-directed “Wonder Woman.”

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