The clock is ticking toward your flight departure time and you’re staring at an empty piece of luggage. Wondering how it’ll hold all your stuff? Look no further than some expert advice from a Bond girl.

Well, one particular Bond girl: actress and travel writer Rachel Grant, who can show you how to pack super-compactly in less time than it takes to book an all-inclusive vacation to Mexico.

In a YouTube video posted by luggage maker Biaggi that has since gone viral, Grant packs 130 items, including shoes, clothing and accessories, into one relatively small carry-on bag.

Grant, a self-described travelanthropist who played a Bond girl in 2002’s “Die Another Day,” says the video is sped up, but it actually took only eight minutes to pack the bag.

Developing a method for quick and compact packing has been a necessity for Grant, who is an avid traveller, both for leisure and for work.

“I’ve had a whole year where I travel every single month to a different country,” Grant said in a recent interview with

In promoting Biaggi’s brand, Grant says she wanted to share her expertise. “It was just to demonstrate just how much you really can fit into a carry-on if you really know how.”

She said organizing belongings to fit it into one carry-on is especially useful as you set out for your destination. For instance, if you don’t have to check extra luggage, you can bypass the dreaded baggage check-in lineups.

Travellers can also avoid the baggage claim at the airport and not worry that a piece of luggage was lost during the trip, she added.

“When you’re travelling abroad, particularly if you’re on the road, going from one hotel to the other it’s so much easier to have a small bag,” Grant said.

Here are some of Grant’s best space-saving tips:

1. Roll, rather than fold, your clothing and use Ziploc or plastic bags to help compress fabric items. Rolling your clothes can help avoid heavy creasing and see-through bags help you quickly locate your items.

2. Use travel-sized toiletries or buy empty bottles at the dollar store.

3. Fill your shoes with items such as folded sock balls, which help footwear keep their shape.

Watch Grant pack 130 items into her carry-on bag: