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Are you already dreaming about the weekend? If so, we have a Dream Big Wednesday story to give you some inspiration. Plus, your daily dose of five things to know: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau heads to Washington today; Donald Trump extended his lead in the Republican nomination race; a new series of bank notes will feature Canadian women; and two men, one noted for his cancer fundraising, another for his contribution to music, have died.

1. Shipping up to Washington: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau heads to Washington today, ahead of a state dinner on Thursday. There's talk that Trudeau and U.S. President Barack Obama will make a big announcement regarding cross-border travel.

2. Trump triumphs: Presidential hopeful Donald Trump tightens his grip on the Republican nomination contest with victories in the Mississippi, Michigan and Hawaii primaries. Trump entered Tuesday's contests facing questions about his durability as a candidate after a handful of recent losses to Ted Cruz.

3. Recognition: The federal government says that women will be featured on a new series of bank notes expected to be in circulation in 2018. You can nominate a woman to appear, as long as she is Canadian, demonstrated outstanding leadership or achievement in her lifetime, and is deceased for at least 25 years. Also, she can’t be a fictional character.

4. Rolly Fox: Rolland "Rolly" Fox, the father of Marathon of Hope runner Terry Fox, died on Tuesday at the age of 80. Rolly Fox was initially a behind the scenes supporter of the Terry Fox Foundation, but took a more active role after the death of his wife.

5. The "Fifth Beatle": Sir George Martin, the producer behind some of The Beatles' most legendary and groundbreaking albums has died at the age of 90. Martin was known to many as the "Fifth Beatle," for his work in shaping the band's sound.

And for "Dream Big" Wednesday: A 90-year-old Michigan woman with cancer, who chose to forego treatment and travel across the U.S. instead, has one piece of advice:

"You get so old that you have to do what you want, or you will never get around to it."

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Miss Norma