Here are 5 things to know this Wednesday: A Calgary woman is the first person in Canada - outside of Quebec - to end her life by assisted-suicide; Donald Trump's dominance in Super Tuesday has more than a few Americans looking up north; Alberta's premier is holding back on the Energy East project, for now; Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is looking to corral premiers into agreeing on a pan-Canada climate policy; and two astronauts have safely landed after spending a year in space.

Plus, for anybody already dreaming about the weekend, we have a Dream Big Wednesday story on the most popular hotel for families to give you some inspiration.

1. New medical territory: A Calgary woman who was granted a legal exemption for doctor-assisted death has ended her life in British Columbia with the help of a physician. CTV's Avis Favaro spoke to the doctor who oversaw the patient's final moments.

2. But will they follow through? It's a proud American tradition: threatening to move to Canada if a candidate they despise moves closer to winning the U.S. presidency. Super Tuesday was no exception, with some hilarious results.

3. Guns holstered: Alberta Premier Rachel Notley says she will "leave the gun in the holster" as Quebec prepares to seek a court injunction against the Energy East pipeline. Notley, who had pledged to come out "guns blazing", says she believes the province is pushing for a review that would not necessarily impact the project.

4. Clean tech: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in Vancouver to commit money towards two new clean technology funds at the same time as premiers from all provinces and territories meet to begin putting together a pan-Canada climate policy framework.

5. Safe arrival: After nearly a year in space, U.S. astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko touched down safely this morning. The pair spent 340 days in space with NASA hoping to study how their bodies reacted for future missions to Mars.

And one more thing for Dream Big Wednesday... If you're you're looking to take your family on the ultimate vacation, TripAdvisor has just released its 2016 picks for the world's best family hotels.

A luxurious Italian mountain resort, complete with ski hills, a spa and a sprawling children's activity centre topped this year's list...

Cavallino Bianco Family Spa Grand Hotel