Good morning!

Here are 5 need-to-know stories for your Wednesday morning read: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is set to announce Canada's bid to secure a spot on the UN Security Council; parents desperate to keep tabs on their kids' Type 1 diabetes have a new way of monitoring; it was a successful night in U.S. primaries for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton; NDP Leader Tom Mulcair is facing a growing backlash from his party; and a Toronto house hits the market for a very affordable price.

1. Trudeau to seek UN seat: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will announce a bid for Canada to secure a spot on the United Nations Security Council in 2021. If Canada succeeds, it will still mark country's longest absence since the end of Canada's last stint.

2. Hacked for health: Parents desperate to keep tabs on their children’s Type 1 diabetes are hacking into blood sugar monitoring devices to watch them remotely from home – and they’re helping other parents to do the same.

3. Primary results: Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton took a few steps closer to securing their respective party's nomination for the U.S. presidential election. Donald Trump won primaries in three of five states voting, while Clinton was denied a clean sweep of Bernie Sanders by a "too close to call" decision in Missouri.

4. Should he stay or should he go: A growing number of New Democrats are questioning whether Tom Mulcair should remain leader after the party convention in April. Manitoba MP Niki Ashton, who came in seventh place in the 2012 leadership race, refused to state whether she will offer Mulcair a vote of confidence.

5. Buck for a house: A Toronto mansion has been put on the market for a very affordable price of $1. The property hit the market after a plan to build dozens of condominiums on the site fell through.