A new report is highlighting the astonishing rate of colorectal cancer patients that are diagnosed after the cancer has spread to different parts of their bodies. Plus, a Canadian gay rights activist is being honoured for his fight for equality.

1. Cancer diagnosis: A new report says that nearly half of all colorectal cancers in Canada are diagnosed after they've spread in the body, despite the numerous screening programs offered across the country that can detect the disease in its earliest stages.

2. Bernier booted: Conservative MP and former leadership hopeful Maxime Bernier has been removed from the Opposition shadow cabinet.

3. NHL furor: The wife of Ottawa Senators captain Erik Karlsson has filed an order of protection against the girlfriend of one of Karlsson's teammates, alleging harassment and cyberbullying.

4. Recognition for an activist: A man was an activist for gay rights, taking his fight for equal rights all the way to the Supreme Court, is being honoured with his own Heritage Minute, which premiered last night on CTV News.

5. Correspondence with Einstein: A University of Calgary student inadvertently stumbled across three letters between a Calgarian and theoretical physicist Albert Einstein, where the famous scientist offers blunt critique to theories involving fishing.