It's Wednesday and CTV News has gathered the day's top stories. Here are the five things you need to know: two class action lawsuits have been launched by Canadians against a U.S. manufacturer; Donald Trump claimed another victory in the Republican nomination race; a high-ranking Canadian soldier has abruptly resigned; a Federal Court judge is set to rule on medical marijuana patients and their ability to grow their own pot; and a ban on bottled water is stirring up debate in Montreal.

1. Medical setback: Two class-action lawsuits have been launched by Canadians against the U.S. manufacturer of a device designed to block potentially deadly bloods clots. The plaintiffs allege the apparatuses have broken apart and become trapped inside their bodies, and left them dealing with the painful consequences.

2. Trump claims Nevada: Donald Trump has won his third straight primary, handily beating fellow Republican candidates in Nevada. However, the big test will come on March 1, known as "Super Tuesday" where a dozen states hold their nomination contests.

3. Abrupt resignation: A high-ranking Canadian soldier, charged with taking care of the most severely mentally and physically wounded soldiers, has resigned ahead of a planned overhaul of the system.

4. Growing your own: A Federal Court judge is set to rule today on whether medical marijuana patients can grow their own pot. The constitutional challenge was launched against the Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations which was introduced in 2013 and required patients to buy from licensed producers.

5. Bottled water ban: Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre is winning praise from some citizens and environmentalists for saying he wants to ban disposable plastic water bottles. However, some consumers and an industry group are opposed, pointing out that most of the plastic gets recycled.