Some Florida residents are expected to start returning to their homes today, after Hurricane Irma tore through the state. In Canada, the federal government is facing a backlash for how it dealt with Canadians seeking assistance in the storm's path.

1. Irma latest: Some Florida residents are preparing to begin returning home this morning, after Hurricane Irma tore its way through the state.

2. Government backlash: Canadians trapped by Hurricane Irma are speaking out against the federal government, accusing it of not having an organized plan to help them.

3. West Nile virus: Two people in Windsor have died after contracting the West Nile virus, health officials say, prompting public warnings to take precautions. 

4. Marijuana concerns: The federal government's plan to legalize marijuana by 2018 won't wipe out the black market for some time, a committee of MPs heard Monday.

5. Ditching sugar: A B.C. school says it is ditching juice, pop and energy drinks in favour of water. Alexander Elementary School in Duncan, B.C. started a water-drinking challenge last year and officials are now looking to extend it.