In an exclusive interview with CTV News, a Yazidi woman who escaped a life as a sex slave for ISIS militants is speaking out, with the hope her story will push the Canadian government to do more to help other Yazidi women and children.

1. Exclusive interview: A Yazidi woman formerly bought get and sold as a sex slave by ISIS militants is speaking out with the hope of compelling the Canadian government to do more to help other Yazidi women.

2. Promoting Canada: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is delivering a sales pitch to members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, making the case for Canada to join their summit.

3. Myanmar escape: Disturbing new footage has emerged of the violence being committed against Rohingya Muslims, even as Myanmar denies targeting the group.

4. Breast implants: A new trend has emerged in Canadian plastic surgery, with a growing number of women asking to have their breast implants removed.

5. Warning to humanity: More than 15,000 scientists from 184 countries have issued a dire warning that the ongoing destruction of the Earth's ecosystems is jeopardizing the future of humankind.