In a hurry this morning? We've got a cheat sheet to help you catch up on the news before you get to work.

Here are the 5 things you need to know this Tuesday morning: officials are investigating after a man attacked two Canadian Forces members in Toronto; a Canadian study has doctors worried about gallstones in children; Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are looking to solidify their campaign leads in five primaries today; Russia is pulling troops out of Syria; and aboriginal artists in B.C. have turned to high-tech tools to produce traditional art.

1. Toronto attack: Two Canadian Forces members were injured after a man lashed out at the members behind the counter at 4900 Yonge Street. RCMP and the Canadian Intelligence Service is investigating the incident.

2. Alarming rise: A recent Canadian study is hoping to change the way doctors think about gallstones -- a condition historically associated with adults -- after finding an increase in the number of children with the condition.

3. Primaries: Five primaries are scheduled for today as U.S. presidential hopefuls look to give their campaigns a much needed lifeline or in the case of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, solidify their leads.

4. Russia leaving: Russian warplanes have begun leaving Syria after President Vladimir Putin issued a pullout order on Monday. The move comes as peace talks between Syrian rebels and the government continue in Geneva.

5. Opening doors: Aboriginal artists in B.C. are using computer software to make affordable reproductions of traditionally carved wooden door panels. Their high-tech skills could help them open up a whole new market for their work.