In a hurry this morning? We've got a cheat sheet to help you catch up on the news before you get to work: Sen. Duffy's filing for cost of living expenses again; Delta Air Lines is offering refunds and apologies; Amnesty International issues a strong condemnation of a B.C. project; Health Canada warns about a device designed to block blood clots; Hillary Clinton attacks Donald Trump's economic policies; and all the latest games action in Rio.

1. Expense claims: Sen. Mike Duffy is filing cost of living expense claims again, for time spent in the National Capital Region. Read all the details in this exclusive report from CTV National News Senior Political Correspondent Glen McGregor.

2. Delta outage: Delta Air Lines will be handing out refunds and travel vouchers to tens of thousands of travellers whose flights were cancelled or delayed after the airline experienced a major computer outage.

3. Warning issued: After reports of "serious complications" for some patients, Health Canada says inferior vena cava filters, devices designed to block potentially deadly blood clots, should not stay in the body any longer than is necessary.

4. Clinton on the attack: Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said rival Donald Trump economic plan would push the U.S. back into recession and do little create jobs or boost the economy. "His tax plans would give super big tax breaks to large corporations and the really wealthy," Clinton said.

5. Day 4 in Rio: After another medal win on Monday, Canadian athletes will to add to the country's medal haul as the Rio 2016 Olympics enter Day 4. Tuesday's events will include gymnastics, judo, swimming, rugby and soccer.