In a CTV News exclusive, we bring you details about a new road that will link Canada's Arctic coastline to the rest of the country for the first time. Plus, there's promising news for a Canadian, known as the 'Butterfly Boy,' who suffers from a rare medical condition.

1. First-time connection: A new road that will link Canada's Arctic coastline to the rest of Canada for the first time is raising the hopes of residents. In an exclusive, CTV News was granted special access to the Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway, which covers 137 kilometres of the Northwest Territories, and is set to open Nov. 15.

2. NAFTA discussions: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is heading to Mexico today as tensions over the North American Free Trade Agreement mount. 

3. CTE concerns: A friend of Ty Pozzobon, a Canadian bull rider who died of a suicide, says that discovering Pozzobon was suffering from chronic traumatic encephalopathy at the time of his death is unsurprising but saddening. 

4. New school system: Canada's first First Nations-led school system has been launched in Manitoba, with politicians calling it an important step in working to undo historic wrongs.

5. Butterfly Boy released: Jonathan Pitre, known as the 'Butterfly Boy' due to a rare medical condition, has been discharged from hospital and family members say his condition is improving in ways never seen before.