Get a head start on your Thursday with today’s round-up of 5 things to know: a verdict is expected in the Jian Ghomeshi trial today; a doctor sent to examine the health crisis in Kashechewan says the issue is more social than medical in nature; debris found in Mozambique is likely to be from Flight MH370; a Quebec man is fighting against taxes for his Airbnb rentals; and Montreal is offering you a chance to own a piece of transit history.

And one more thing… a Life Hack Thursday story to make life a little simpler ahead of Easter Weekend.

1. Ghomeshi trial: Ontario Court Justice William Horkins is set to hand down his verdict today, in the sexual assault trial of former broadcaster Jian Ghomeshi. Ghomeshi, a one-time radio host for the radio program "Q," pleaded not guilty to all charges.

2. Kashechewan in crisis: A doctor sent to examine rashes and severe sores affecting children in a remote Ontario First Nations community says the problem is "not really a medical emergency but a social emergency."

3. Debris: Officials say two pieces of debris found along Mozambique's coast are "highly likely" to have come from the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

4. Airbnb taxes: Montrealer Dany Papineau claims he’s made more than $200,000 renting properties using the popular Airbnb service. However, Revenue Quebec says he owes them for all those rentals, in the form of unpaid goods and services taxes, sales taxes and hotel taxes.

5. Piece of transit history: The Montreal Metro is turning 50 and is phasing out its original cars, which can be yours if you have the cash and the right proposal.

And one more thing for "Life Hack Thursday": Chefs have been arguing about the perfect egg boiling method for millennia, with some saying you need to start with cold water, others saying you need salt or vinegar or pressure cookers, or steamers. If you're planning to boil up a few eggs this weekend to decorate for Easter and would still like to eat them afterward, here is the method that science has come up with for perfect, peelable hard-boiled eggs:

Easter eggs