Ontario Premier Doug Ford is celebrating after the retirement of a CEO he called the “$6-million man”, U.S. President Donald Trump is turning his back on some NATO leaders, and Montreal’s biggest library is dealing with bedbugs. Plus, a postman gets caught red-handed.

1. ‘$6-million man’ retires: Ontario Premier Doug Ford checked off a campaign promise by announcing the retirement of Mayo Schmidt, the Hydro One CEO who was paid $6.2 million last year.

2. Trump turns his back: The NATO summit is usually about showing a united front to its enemies, but the U.S. president’s body language at the summit this year is raising eyebrows.

3. Benches relocated: Advocates for homeless people say that the City of Timmins in northern Ontario sent the wrong message after it moved benches in response to complaints by business owners about loitering.

4. Bedbug infestation: Montreal’s biggest library is infested with bedbugs. Libraries in Ontario and B.C. have also dealt with the problem.

5. Pilfering postman: A Montreal couple suspected a squirrel was stealing their tomatoes and strawberries. Then they reviewed security camera footage and caught their postman red-handed.

And one more thing...

A Quebec shooting victim was saved by a new balloon catheter device that stops trauma patients from bleeding to death.

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