Do you have a case of the Mondays? Well, clear the sleep from your eyes, put on a fresh pot of coffee and kickstart your week with your daily dose of CTV News' five things.

Here are the five things you need to know this Monday: Justin Trudeau is garnering interest from abroad as outsiders; a new study says Canadian cities should look at implementing tolls and pricing roads; a probe into what caused a Russian jetliner to crash in Egypt over the weekend has begun; new guidelines could change the way high blood pressure is diagnosed in Canada; and a B.C. motocross rider became the first one to perform a successful backflip.

And for "Money Monday," Kevin O’Leary gives his advice on how to grab investors’ attention for your start-up.

1. Trudeau goes global: A rare phenomenon is transpiring in Washington, D.C., where mentioning Canadian politics is generally about as likely to stimulate conversation at a dinner party as to get you disinvited from the next one. People are curious about Canada's next prime minister, Justin Trudeau. It's also evident in such global cities as Paris and Amsterdam.

2. Putting a price on gridlock: A report from Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission says the country’s cities needs to start putting a price on roads and thoroughfares. The study’s authors argue that putting a price on roads will encourage better public transit and help complement infrastructure.

3. Plane crash probe begins: An official with the company that owned a Russian jetliner that crashed shortly after takeoff from an Egyptian resort city on Saturday says a technical fault or pilot error could not have caused the crash.

4. Blood pressure: It turns out that high blood pressure is trickier to diagnose than a simple a measurement at the doctor's office. And new guidelines in Canada and the U.S. could change the way millions of patients are treated. The new guidelines suggest that rather than relying on in-office blood pressure measurements, the "diagnosis of hypertension should be based on out-of-office measurements," according to Hypertension Canada.

5. Backflip: A British Columbia man has become to first paraplegic motocross rider to perform a backflip while on a motorcycle. Bruce Cook was paralyzed from the waist down two years ago after a stunt jumping accident. While doctors told him he wouldn’t be able to walk, he was determined to

And one more thing for "Money Monday:" So you have a brilliant business idea that you're certain can make a lot of money. Now what? You'll need a lot more than an idea if you looking to impress investors in the Canadian marketplace.