Here are 5 things you need to know this Monday: U.S. President Barack Obama meets Cuban leader Raul Castro; ahead of their first federal budget, the Liberals are promising a different approach; independent arbitrator releases a report on questionable senate expenses; eyes are on Apple’s anticipated product launch; and Twitter turns 10.

Plus, we have some Money Monday advice on how to avoid the lure of long-term car loans, and save a few dollars along the way.

1. Historic Havana trip: U.S. President Barack Obama began a historic visit to Cuba on Sunday, eager to push decades of acrimony deeper into the past and normalize relations between the two countries. On Monday, Cuban leader Raul Castro will officially welcome the president at the Palace of the Revolution in Havana.

2. Eve of federal budget: The Liberals are promising a different approach from the Tories as they prepare to unveil their first budget on Tuesday. It is expected to address a wide array of Liberal promises and priorities, from increased infrastructure spending to affordable housing.

3. Senate report: An independent arbitrator's report on senators is set to be released today. Senators who went through an arbitration process after their expenses were flagged will find out if they have been exonerated or must pay back the expenses.

4. Apple announcement: Apple CEO Tim Cook is expected to unveil some new additions to his company’s current line of iPhone and iPad devices, but the spring product event isn’t drawing the usual buzz.

5. Twitter turns 10: As Twitter turns 10, the social media company's Canadian chief says users are the reason behind its innovations.

And one more thing for "Money Monday": Buying a new car usually means borrowing money. But financial experts are warning shoppers not to be lured into signing up for long-term auto loans that can cost more.

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