It's Monday and has the top five things you should know as you begin your work week: One person is dead after a van attack in London; a former UFC fighter from Alberta dies following a boxing match in Edmonton; a Canadian climate change study was thwarted, in part, by climate change; the federal government releases its strategy on combating gender-based violence; and a piece of Montreal history is being preserved.

Plus, for "Money Monday," a look at how you can thwart the growing threat of elderly financial abuse.

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1. London van attack: One person is dead and 10 others injured after a vehicle struck pedestrians near a mosque in north London, England. Several hundred worshippers were in the area at the time, after attending prayers as part of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. One person has been arrested.

2. Fighter dies after boxing match: A former UFC fighter from Alberta has died following a boxing match in Edmonton. Tim Hague, 34, suffered a brain injury after he was knocked out by opponent and former Edmonton Eskimos player, Adam Braidwood, during a KO Boxing event.

3. Climate change: A $17-million research expedition bound for the Arctic was cancelled after an icebreaker carrying the scientists was diverted to break up hazardous ice that had floated south due to climate change.

4. Strategy release: The federal government is launching its strategy on gender-based violence today, which will include a way to develop and share research on topics ranging from street harassment to getting males involved in solving the problem.

5. In memory of a palace: A charitable foundation in Montreal is working to preserve a piece of its past, by demolishing it. The Horse Palace, originally built in 1862, is being torn down with a new, bigger stable taking its place.

And one more thing for "Money Monday":

Did you know that financial exploitation is one of the most common forms of elder abuse? Here's how experts say you can protect yourself and your loved ones.

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