A delicious-looking display of baklava is turning stomachs after mice were recorded nibbling on the treats in video shot through the Toronto store's window. The owner insists the pastries are for display only, and not intended to be eaten by humans. In the headlines this morning, we've got the latest on the fires in B.C., and a preview of U.S. President Donald Trump's expected unveiling of his plans to overhaul NAFTA.

Plus, for "Money Monday," we take a look at the upside to investing in a critical illness policy.

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1. B.C. wildfire: As many as 37,000 people have been forced from their homes in B.C. as wildfires continue to burn their way across the province. In some cases, officials went door-to-door telling residents they had to leave right away.

2. NAFTA: U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to outline his hopes today, for one of his big campaign promises: the renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

3. Team88: The North American Indigenous Games are underway in Toronto, where one number is taking on a special significance this year.

4. Shocking footage: An Ottawa commuter says he only had his new dash cam for two hours before he recorded a shocking scene: the moment a cyclist running a red light and being struck by a car.

5. Unwanted eaters: The pastries in the window of a downtown Toronto confection shop were supposed to lure hungry humans, but they ended up attracting mice.

And for 'Money Monday': Financial planners say it’s wise to invest in a critical illness insurance policy if your family has a history of a disease, as it can helping cover costs of treating other serious ailments that may arise.

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