Do you have a case of the Mondays?

Well, clear the sleep from your eyes, put on a fresh pot of coffee and kickstart your week with your daily dose of CTV News' five things.

Here are the five things you need to know this Monday: the federal Liberals are meeting in New Brunswick for their first cabinet retreat; the trial in the murder of Tim Bosma begins today; the six Canadian victims of a deadly attack in Burkina Faso are being mourned; Vancouver's mayor has issued an apology to three tourists singled out by a police memo; and a left-winger who major-league hockey fans recently voted as team captain in the all-star game has been sent to the minors.

And for "Money Monday," a look at the importance of travel insurance.

1. Laying the groundwork: The Liberals are in New Brunswick today on a cabinet retreat to lay out their plan for 2016 as well as discuss the budget.

2. Tim Bosma trial begins: A trial is set to begin today for the two men accused in the death of an Ontario father who disappeared after taking a two people on a test drive of his truck.

3. Mourning the victims: Friends, family and colleagues are mourning the six Quebecers, including four members of the same family, who were killed in a terror attack in Burkina Faso. The six Canadians were among the 28 killed when terrorist stormed the Splendid Hotel on Friday.

4. Apology issued: Vancouver's mayor has apologized to three tourists who were singled out in an internal police memo for their "suspicious behaviour" at a downtown mall.

5. Sent to the minors: John Scott, a little-known left-winger who was voted as the fans choice to lead the Pacific Division team for this year's NHL all-star game has been sent to the minors. It’s unclear if the trade renders Scott ineligible to play as captain in the all-star game in Nashville on Jan. 31. The NHL has not released a statement on the matter.

And one more thing for “Money Monday:” As you prepare to head south on your winter getaway, travel experts want you remember to check your insurance coverage.