Do you have a case of the Mondays?

Well, clear the sleep from your eyes, put on a fresh pot of coffee and kickstart your week with your daily dose of CTV News' five things.

Here are the five things you need to know this Monday: a B.C. serial killer has managed to smuggle a book he wrote out of prison; new numbers on Canada's economic outlook are expected to be released today; La Loche high school is reopening today after shutting down after a school shooting; closing arguments in the Mike Duffy trial will begin today; and a family's pooch is being hailed as a hero.

And for "Money Monday," a look at why shopping around for the best mortgage rate can backfire.

1. Pickton’s book: Serial killer Robert Pickton managed to smuggle a book he wrote behind bars outside a maximum security prison in B.C. and get it published. The 144-page book is entitled "Pickton: In his Own Words" and available for sale online. But a lawyer for some of the victims’ children says he will consider seeking an injunction to prevent Pickton from receiving any profits from the book.

2. Economic outlook: Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau is expected to release new numbers today that will reveal the extent of the economic downturn in recent months. The Canadian Press reports that Morneau will take the unusual step of releasing updated numbers weeks ahead of the upcoming budget, instead of waiting to disclose them in the document.

3. Reopening: La Loche high school, the scene of a deadly shooting, will reopen today. The school has been shut since Jan. 22 after a teacher and an aide were killed and seven were wounded. The accused shooter is also scheduled to appear in court today.

4. Mike Duffy trial: After 61 days of testimony that began last April, the closing arguments in the trial of Sen. Mike Duffy will begin in an Ottawa courtroom on Monday. The trial has heard evidence on 31 charges of fraud, breach of trust and bribery that Duffy is facing in connection with his expense claims. Duffy has denied any wrongdoing.

5. Four-legged hero: A golden retriever has been credited with saving a Nova Scotia family from a devastating house fire. The dog’s relentless barking awoke the parents and their two young daughters early Sunday morning in Alder Point, N.S. The family had just enough time to escape the blaze.

And one more thing for "Money Monday:" Homebuyers tend to shop around for the best mortgage rate they can find when first purchasing a property. But when renewal time comes around, chasing the best rate might not save enough to offset the costs of moving lenders.

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