Meghan Markle is set to make history with her marriage to Prince Harry on Saturday. Plus, Canadian military personnel are being sent to help B.C. residents affected by flooding.

And CTV News contributor Richard Crouse gives you the inside scoop on the flicks hitting theatre screens this weekend.

1. Markle making history: When Meghan Markle marries Prince Harry on Saturday, she’ll become the first ever mixed-race woman to marry into the Royal Family.

2. Military sent in: The Canadian Armed Forces is sending in personnel to help B..C communities overwhelmed by floodwaters

3. Suspect identified? Peel Regional Police have issued a Canada-wide warrant for a man they believe played a part in an alleged unprovoked attack on a man with autism two months ago that was caught on video.

4. Speaking out: Francoise Abanda, Canada's top –ranked female tennis player, says she believes racism is why she doesn't get as much attention as lauded peer Eugenie Bouchard.

5. Senior rescue: An 80-year-old Nova Scotia man is crediting a total stranger with saving his life after he fell and broke his femur during a fishing trip at a remote lake

And one more thing… The jokes and the set pieces are bigger and badder but it’s the mushy stuff that prevents "Deadpool 2" from slipping solely into freak show mode. It's a movie that works both as a superhero flick and as a twisted family drama, writes Richard Crouse

Deadpool 2