It's Friday and CTV News has 5 things you need to know before kicking off your weekend: a review panel says Canadians aren't getting enough in return for the fees paid to cover airport security; two men accused in the death of Syrian toddler Alan Kurdi have been sentenced; provincial leaders have agreed that carbon pricing will be part of a national climate plan; Canadians weigh in on their top priorities for the federal budget; and a Montreal social worker says homeless residents are being hit with expensive tickets by police.

Plus, for #FlashbackFriday, we’re taking a look back at this day in history and the death of a Canadian comic legend.

1. Not enough: A review panel has concluded Canadians are not getting enough in return for the fees they pay to cover security in airports, which are plagued by long lines and "declining performance." Canada's airport security agency screens only 87 per cent of passengers within 15 minutes, while Britain's Heathrow Airport is expected screen 95 per cent of passengers within five minutes or less.

2. Sentence in Kurdi death: Two men have been handed prison sentences over the death of Syrian toddler Alan Kurdi and four other people. Kurdi's death, and the picture of him lying face down on a Turkish beach, focused global attention on the refugee crisis.

3. Carbon pricing: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and provincial premiers managed to come to an agreement about carbon pricing as they mapped out a route to Canada's first national consensus on pursuing climate policy.

4. Priorities: Health care and infrastructure are the top priorities of Canadians for the Liberals' first federal budget, according to the results of a survey from Nanos Research. Those surveyed were also in favour of temporarily extending employment insurance benefits for those in the struggling sectors of the economy.

5. Hefty tickets: A Montreal social worker says homeless people are frequently facing tens of thousands of dollars in fines, and in one case a man has collected more than $110,000 in tickets. But police insist they avoid picking on homeless people and that their tickets are handed out for good reasons.

And one more thing for "Flashback Friday": Fans remember Canadian comedian John Candy after he died in his sleep on March 4, 1994.

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