Police protect tourist sites in Toronto from an “uncorroborated” threat, Sandra Oh is nominated for an Emmy Award, and a family feud erupts over a $1.2 million Chase the Ace jackpot.

1. Unconfirmed threat: Toronto police resumed "normal operations" after fanning out across the city due to "unconfirmed and uncorroborated information of a threat."

2. TV history: Ottawa native Sandra Oh is the first Asian woman ever to be nominated for an Emmy Award for lead actress in a drama series. She’ll have to fight another Canadian, Tatiana Maslany, for the trophy.

3. Horse safety: Researchers at the Calgary Stampede are testing a medical device to see if it can measure the physical fitness of horses. If it works, it could help prevent injuries during chuckwagon races.

4. Family feud: Soon after organizers of a Chase the Ace contest in Nova Scotia handed out $611,319.50 cheques to a woman and her nephew, the woman said she never agreed to split the winnings and would take him to court.

5. Cross-border brew: An Ontario brewery and a Quebec brewery have teamed up to create a new beer named for the man who fought against provincial laws that don’t allow consumers to transport beer across borders.

And one more thing... In 'Skyscraper,' Dwayne Johnson delivers a high-flying action thriller that's big on drama but offers few characters to care about, writes film critic Richard Crouse.