The weekend is nearly here and CTV News has all of the day's top stories. Here are the five things you need to know: Calgary's mayor has some harsh words for Montreal's mayor after a setback for the Energy East pipeline; Rene Angelil's funeral is set for this afternoon in Montreal; the fate of thousands of workers at Oshawa's GM plant remain in limbo; a Calgary man got an unpleasant surprise after eating raw, wild salmon; and a Calgary home could have a heritage designation despite being middle-aged at most.

1. Mayor vs. mayor: Calgary's Naheed Nenshi is slamming Denis Coderre after the Montreal leader vowed Thursday to fight the Energy East pipeline project, which would carry crude oil from Alberta to New Brunswick. Nenshi says the project is not only an economic "no brainer" but is also safer and economically sound.

2. Saying goodbye: Rene Angelil, Celine Dion's husband and manager, will be laid to rest in Montreal today. Angelil died at the age of 73 from throat cancer.

3. Jobs, jobs, jobs: Canada's economic development minister didn't receive any solid commitments from General Motors' CEO on the future of the company's plant in Oshawa. Both Canadian autoworkers' union Unifor and the Canadian government are hopeful of keeping the plant open.

4. Try this: An Alberta man was treated at a Calgary hospital for parasitic worms shortly after eating raw wild salmon, according to a new medical report. Doctors say it's the first time the tiny worms have been found in a human after eating Canadian store-bought salmon.

5. That 70s home: Houses from the 1970s wouldn't turn heads in most Canadian cities but a stunning 40-year-old Calgary home could soon have a heritage designation. The owner is behind it, saying she's tired of seeing "beautiful old houses" knocked down.

And one more thing for Flashback Friday…Relive Roberta Bondar becoming the first Canadian female astronaut in space with this video showing her blasting into space on Jan. 22, 1992.

First Canadian woman blasts off into space