The latest report from Canada’s auditor general says the Canada Revenue Agency did not consistently apply tax rules when conducting audits with the judgement of staff impacting outcomes. Here’s what else you need to know to start your day.

1. Tax double-standard: A new probe by Canada’s auditor general has found inconsistencies in the way that the CRA treats its taxpayers when conducting audits and reviewing tax files.

2. Food recall: Health officials are warning Canadians to avoid eating romaine lettuce because of a new E. coli outbreak that has sickened at least 18 people-- with six requiring hospitalization.

3. Mail delay: The federal government says it is prepared to order an end to Canada Post strikes if a collective agreement isn't reached soon, but union members say this would undermine the negotiation process.

4. Oil spill: Newfoundland’s regulatory board says it's now impossible to clean up the province’s largest-ever oil spill from last week because the particles are too broken down to collect.

5. Crop stress: While harvest can be a stressful time for farmers, a new government initiative hopes to help farming communities by putting the mental health stigma out to pasture.

One more thing...

Public vs. private: When a sexual assault is reported at a public school in Toronto, schools are required to inform police but private schools argue that the requirement does not apply to them.