A former Canadian ambassador to China says he has "limited expectations" a Canadian delegation currently on the ground in China will secure the release of two detained Canadians. Here's what else you need to know to start your day.

1. Canadians detained: Former Canadian Ambassador to China Guy Saint-Jacques told CTV's Power Play that China does not want to meet with Canadian ministers until Huawei executive Meng Wahnzou is released.

2. Saskatoon assault: Saskatoon police are investigating a disturbing video that appears to show a group of young boys swarm and repeatedly attack a mother at a park playground.

3. Moncton hospital: More women are coming forward believing they may be victims of a nurse who is accused of improperly drugging women at a hospital in Moncton, N.B. to force emergency C-sections.

4. Jamie Oliver: CTV News has confirmed that jobs at celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's Canadian restaurants will not be affected by the U.K. chain's insolvency.

5. Food prices: Research shows that food insecurity in Nunavut has actually worsened in the years since the federal government launched a subsidy program aimed at improving affordability in Canada's North.

One more thing…

Lost toy: An Ontario man is determined to find the owner of a stuffed animal he picked up from the side of a highway near Toronto earlier this month, saying whoever lost it must be "heartbroken."

Stuffed animal found