After a hard-fought and divisive campaign, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has managed to hold on to power, winning a minority government but losing the popular vote. Here's what else you need to know to start your day.

1. Election 2019: Justin Trudeau's Liberals are the victors of the 2019 federal election, but the party is coming out of this campaign with fewer seats than they had going in, and a new need to collaborate with the opposition.

2. Popular support: Despite their pledge to put more money in the pockets of Canadians, Andrew Scheer's Conservatives fell short of their goal to unseat their incumbent Liberal rivals but came out with a win in the popular vote.

3. No 'Singh surge': Hopes of a jump in support for NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh failed to materialize as the party dropped to its lowest seat count in more than a decade. And yet, with a Liberal minority government, the NDP could still hold sway in the new parliament.

4. Bloc is back: The Bloc Quebecois is poised to regain official party status with 32 seats in the House of Commons. The party took seats away from Liberals, Conservatives and the NDP.

5. 'Wexit': News of a Liberal minority win has breathed new life into the western separatist movement, tapping into the anger and frustration of voters in Western Canada who feel they've been short-changed and I represented by the federal government.

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Notable moments: From the party with the most votes not winning the most seats, to two parties seeing significantly less support than polls suggested, looks at some of the more surprising headlines to emerge from the federal election.

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