Elizabeth May announced that she has stepped down as leader of the Green Party, two weeks after the federal election and following 13 years as party leader. Here's what else you need to know to start your day.

1. Green Party: The responsibility of leading the Greens has been passed on to Jo-Ann Roberts, a former Halifax journalist who has never won a seat in the House of Commons. Here's what you need to know about the new interim leader.

2. Western separatism: The group behind the political movement known as 'Wexit' is applying to become a registered party with Elections Canada in a move its leader says will do "for Western Canada what the Bloc Quebecois does for Quebec."

3. Water quality: A new study conducted by more than 120 journalists has found that some Canadian cities have higher levels of lead in their drinking water than Flint, the Michigan that has become synonymous with contaminated H20.

4. Roadside tests: A 'Textalyzer' device that allows police to scan the cellphones of suspected distracted drivers is being considered for use in Canada, but privacy advocates are sounding the alarm about potential risks to personal data.

5. Iron scow rescue: Niagara Parks says it is monitoring a boat that has been stuck on rocks for more than a century, but was recently dislodged by a fierce wind storm and is edging closer to the falls.

One more thing…

Screen time: A new study has found that young children who spend more time in front of a screen may have changes in brain wiring that relates to language, literacy and imagination.