A gunman opened fire inside a country bar in Southern California on Wednesday night, killing at least 12 victims. Plus, MP Tony Clement has resigned from the Conservative caucus amid unconfirmed allegations about his online conduct.

1. California shooting: Authorities say a gunman who shot and killed at least 12 people after opening fire inside a California bar on "college night" is dead.

2. Clement out: After Conservative MP Tony Clement revealed that he sent sexually explicit images to someone who allegedly turned out to be an extortionist, he's resigned from caucus amid reports of other incidents.

3. Church conflict: An Ontario woman is speaking out against her now former church after she says she was kicked out of the fellowship for coming out as gay.

4. Spider fraud: Canadian taxpayers are on the hook for an $18,000 fumigation of a federal government building in what turned out to be a false sighting of a venomous spider.

5. Major milestone: A new survey has found that 56 per cent Canadians are unaware that this year’s Remembrance Day marks the 100-year anniversary of the end of the First World War.

One more thing...

Healthy lifestyle: Robert Wiener is the oldest man in Canada, but the Westmount, Quebec resident doesn’t see what all the fuss is about being 110 years old.