Eight years after being forced from their community by catastrophic flooding, members of a Manitoba First Nation are being asked to go home, despite a warning there aren't enough homes to return to. Here's what else you need to know to start your day.

1. Manitoba flooding: CTV News has learned that the federal government has told nearly a thousand evacuees from Lake St. Martin First Nation that their emergency funding is about to end before the reserve restoration project is complete.

2. Tory leadership: After dodging a potential post-election leadership test, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says his caucus is united and ready to focus on holding the Liberals to account.

3. Gene editing: Doctors are genetically modifying the blood cells of patients with advanced cancer as part of the first U.S. study to use the gene-edited tool CRISPR to treat the disease.

4. New Canadians: Through a private sponsorship program, Canadians have been relocating asylum seekers from Australia's offshore immigration detention centres to Canada as permanent residents.

5. Leave the leaves: Gardening experts and others are urging Canadians to leave the leaves that fall in their yards as "a small act of nature conservation that can support backyard biodiversity."

One more thing…

War brides: Canada's military past is honoured every year on Remembrance Day, keeping soldiers and their sacrifices fresh in the minds of Canadians -- but war brides are often forgotten.

Arthur and Margaret Houghton