Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is headed back to the White House today in what could prove to be a pivotal visit to the U.S. Capitol. Here's what else you need to know to start your day.

1. Canadian orphan: Canada's public safety minister has promised to examine the case of a Canadian orphan who is trapped at a Syrian refugee camp, but has not given a timetable for action in the four-year-old's case.

2. Gut health: A Canadian study has revealed a link between fibromyalgia and alterations in gut bacteria -- a discovery researchers say could lead to faster diagnosis for patients grappling with the chronic pain condition.

3. Trudeau in Washington: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump today to talk about trade, China and the two Canadians detained in the People's Republic.

4. New planets: An international group of astrophysicists have discovered two "Earth-like" planets 12.5 light-years away that they say could be capable of supporting human life.

5. Mental health: A Nova Scotia mother who refused to leave a hospital until a psychiatrist saw her 10-year-old son says more needs to be done to help children suffering from mental health crises.

One more thing…

Jack the dog: Proving that they really are man's best friend, a loyal dog showed police where his elderly owner fell into a ditch and stayed by his side as he was treated by medics.