Experts are sharing their advice on battling influenza, as the illness looks to be taking a worse toll this winter. Plus, more details are expected to emerge in the wake of a school shooting in Florida.

1. School shooting: Students say they thought they were taking part in a fire drill, when a teenaged gunman allegedly opened fire, killing 17.

2. Influenza hits: With the flu appearing to be taking a worse-than-usual toll on Canadian children this winter, experts are sharing their advice on what you need to know about this year's unusual season and how to help your kids cope.

3. Coyote attack: An Edmonton woman says she's traumatized after her Bernese mountain dog was "shredded" by coyotes over the weekend.

4. New system: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the federal government is planning to overhaul how it relates to Indigenous Peoples, proposing a new legislative framework to create stronger rights.

5. Ice sculptor: An Alberta father is drawing attention to his front lawn, after he created Harry Potter-themed ice and snow sculptures inspired by his daughters.