Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is standing firm on his government's response to the ongoing Hong Kong protests, despite increased caution from Chinese authorities to step aside. Here's what else you need to know to start your day.

1. Ethics report: Liberal members of the House of Commons Ethics Committee have shut down an opposition bid to hear from Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion following the release of his report into the SNC-Lavalin affair.

2. Election 2019: Women's support for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is waning and pollster Nik Nanos says that is a problem for the Liberals as the female vote was key to their 2015 majority coalition.

3. Plastic particles: A new study from the World Health Organization has found that microplastics contained in drinking water pose a "low" risk to human health at their current levels but say more research is needed.

4. Teacher discipline: A high school teacher who had an "inappropriate personal relationship" with a student, including sexual contact, has had her licence revoked by Ontario's governing body for teachers.

5. Teddy found: A seven-year-old boy from Nova Scotia will soon be reunited with a teddy bear, which contains a message recorded by his mother prior to her death, after losing it while on vacation in Alberta.

One more thing…

Winnipeg, Alberta: Oakland Raiders' A.J. Cole III is learning about Canadian geography the hard way. Hoping to win over Winnipeggers with a T-shirt, his plans backfired thanks to a glaring typo.

A.J. Cole