The prime minister is standing firm on human rights amid a spat with Saudi Arabia, the NDP leader is running for a seat in the House of Commons, and the mayor of Victoria, B.C., is taking down a statue of Sir John A. Macdonald.

1. Saudi Arabia showdown: The prime minister is addressing the diplomatic spat with Riyadh, saying that Canada will continue to “speak strongly and clearly in private and in public on questions of human rights."

2. Elevator escape: Two men escaped alive from an elevator in Toronto after it rapidly filled with water during Tuesday’s flash floods. They had to punch through the ceiling in order to get cell service and call rescuers.

3. Deadly Alberta crash: Six people, including two U.S. visitors, are dead and two other Americans are severely injured after a collision in Jasper National Park. A toddler from the devastated U.S. family is, miraculously, unhurt.

4. Singh seeks seat: NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has announced he’ll run for a seat in Burnaby, B.C. He used his campaign launch to criticize Trudeau’s approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline and to demand a national pharmacare plan.

5. Victoria boots Sir John A.: The mayor of Victoria, B.C., says a statue of Canada’s first prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald, will be removed from city hall.She calls it a “physical manifestation of (a) painful colonial history.”

And one more thing...

Lennon v. McCartney: Researchers at Dalhousie University and Harvard used math to analyze which one of The Beatles was most likely to have written “In My Life.”

The Beatles Rubber Soul