On the campaign trail, federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said the recently reported instances of him in brownface and blackface are "absolutely unacceptable." Here's what you need to know to start your Friday.

1. Election 2019: Trudeau apologized again for the instances of him participating in the racist act of brownface and blackface, but was "wary of being definitive" when asked if there were more images or videos that could emerge.

2. Teens vaping: After the first Canadian case of a respiratory illness connected to vaping was reported this week, eight national health groups are demanding an urgent federal crackdown on the marketing of e-cigarettes to teens.

3. Not guilty: An Alberta couple has been acquitted in the death of their son after they treated his illness with herbal remedies instead of getting him immediate medical attention.

4. Vanishing birds: A new analysis shows that bird species once considered abundant in North America are becoming scarce -- their numbers have dropped by almost 3 billion since 1970.

5. Boy ballet boom: For the first time in its history, the National Ballet School has a graduating class with more boys than girls.

One more thing…

In hot water: A B.C. man who jumped naked into a shark tank at a Toronto aquarium last year pleaded guilty to mischief, but said he didn't "have any regrets."

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