An Air Canada flight en route to Australia was forced to make an emergency landing in Hawaii after dozens of passengers were injured during intense turbulence. Here's what else you need to know to start your day.

1. Emergency landing: Health officials in Honolulu say 37 people on board an Air Canada flight to Australia suffered injuries after the plane suddenly hit turbulence, flinging passengers and crew across the cabin.

2. Teacher freed: Canadian teacher Neil Bantleman, who spent the past five years in an Indonesian prison on child sex abuse charges he's long denied, has returned to Canada after being granted clemency.

3. Climate plan: A new report from Environeconomics has found that Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer's proposed climate plan would cost households more money and result in more emissions than the Liberal government's current plan.

4. Drowning death: A firefighter who drowned at a Nova Scotia waterfall while saving his young son from a powerful whirlpool is being remembered by his family as a hero.

5. Drug prices: U.S. presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders will travel to Windsor, Ont., later this month as part of a caravan of diabetes patients seeking cheaper insulin than they can get stateside.

One more thing…

Unwelcome visitors: Fish flies are descending on lakeside communities, shutting down ferries, covering city streets and irritating residents, but experts say the bugs are nothing to worry about.

Fish flies