Health-care workers are warning that young children are particularly vulnerable to the surge of H1N1 influenza with at least four deaths confirmed in Canada this flu season. Here's what else you need to know to start your day.

1. Service animal: An Ontario woman is blaming the death of her daughter with mental illness on an American man who she says failed to provide a trained service dog.

2. Flu surge: The predominant influenza strain affecting adults and children this year is H1N1, or the so-called "swine flu" with more than 400 children having already been hospitalized.

3. Trans Mountain: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau acknowledged at a town hall in Regina that the Liberals did not run in 2015 on a plan to buy a pipeline, but defended the purchase as an economic necessity.

4. Wall funding: U.S. President Donald Trump is insisting that the new trade pact with Canada and Mexico will more than cover the cost of his long-promised border wall.

5. Sound waves: Scientists in B.C. have detected a mysterious repeating radio signal emanating from a distant galaxy -- only the second one ever recorded.

One more thing...

Breath tests: Lawyers say changes to Canada's impaired-driving laws could leave people having to defend themselves in court even if they only started drinking alcohol after they stopped driving.