The federal government is willing to financially back the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, homeless people are being urged to leave the streets of Windsor, England, and an Ontario city is taking drastic measures to combat a stray cat problem.

1. Pipeline protection

The federal government said Wednesday it is prepared to financially support expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline, regardless of whether Kinder Morgan decides to build it.

The government said it compensate any financial loss the project incurs, would provide financial security to any company willing to build the pipeline and would ensure the financial compensation is fair for Canadians.

2. Daily Dispatch from Windsor

As security ramps up ahead of Saturday’s royal wedding in Windsor, England, authorities have been packing up the belongings of the town’s homeless and suggesting they stay in a specialized bus until after the festivities.

You can catch the royal wedding on CTV and CTV News Channel beginning at 4 a.m. EST on May 19.

3. Cat crisis

The municipal government in Cornwall, Ont., is contemplating a bylaw that would require all cats to be kept indoors, unless supervised.

The town is reporting that more than 7,000 stray cats call Cornwall home.