British Columbia says it won’t participate in the FIFA 2026 World Cup, some Canadians begin to boycott U.S. products after the G7 tariff spat, and archeologists in Egypt have uncovered ancient rock murals.

1. B.C. says ‘no’ to hosting FIFA

British Columbia’s New Democrat government has said it will not host any games when the FIFA World Cup tours Canada, the United States and Mexico in 2026. There will be 10 games over 32 days in Canada, but Lisa Beare, B.C. Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, said in a statement that her government is concerned taxpayers would be on the hook for costs.

2. Canadians react to Trudeau-Trump trade tiff with “#BoycottUSA”

Scores of Canadian shoppers and travellers are mounting strikes against America’s pocketbook by boycotting U.S. goods and trips to the States. On Twitter, hashtags including #BuyCanadian, #BoycottUSProducts and #BoycottUSA are spreading tips on using purchasing power to defend Canada’s honour.

3. Ancient art uncovered in Egpyt

An Egyptian-American mission from Yale University has unearthed 3,500-year-old rock art of animals in the Wadi Umm Tineidba in Egypt. The art, which covers at least three different areas of rock, depicts a bull, a giraffe, an addax, a barbary sheep, and donkeys in the Eastern Desert.