Maxime Bernier removed from Conservative shadow cabinet, the White House employs cinematic tactics to woo North Korea, and a new Heritage Minute celebrates a little-known gay rights hero.

1. Bernier gets the boot

Conservative MP Maxime Bernier, who ran for the federal party’s leadership last year and narrowly lost to Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, has been removed from his role in the Opposition shadow cabinet.

Scheer confirmed the decision in a brief statement Tuesday evening, but he did not offer an explanation for the move.

2. And the Oscar goes to…

Amid the historic talks in North Korea, the White House released a four-minute video resembling a movie trailer that offered Kim Jong Un an optimistic vision of his nation’s future.

That vision showed bullet trains, smiling children, speed boats and golden sunsets. The catch: Kim would need to “shake the hand of peace” and abandon his powerful nuclear arsenal.

Trump doubled down on that message in a press conference, suggesting that North Korea had “great beaches” and could one day be home to “the best hotels in the world.”

3. An unsung hero

Jim Egan may not be a household name for many Canadians, but to gay rights advocates, he’s a hero -- one who is now being celebrated with his own Heritage Minute, due to debut online tomorrow.

Egan spent decades living a quiet life with his life partner of 50 years, Jack Nesbit, but in 1995, his fight for equal rights went all the way to the Supreme Court when he sued the federal government for discrimination after he was denied Old Age Security spousal benefits.