Reports of a large number of Russian mercenaries killed by U.S. forces, a backlash over Kim Campbell’s comments on the right to bare arms, and tuberculosis cases in Cape Breton.

Plus, here’s an update on Canada’s performance at the Winter Games in Pyeongchang. We’re now third in the medal count with 10: three gold, four silver and three bronze.

1. Russian mercenaries killed

Russian media are reporting that a large number of Russian military contractors were killed in a U.S. counterattack in Syria. Russia, which is supporting the Assad government, isn’t confirming any details.

2. Tuberculosis scare

More than 200 staff and patients who were at a Sydney, N.S., hospital are being tested for the contagious lung disease TB. So far, there are two confirmed cases, including a patient from September.

3. Kim Campbell backlash

Canada’s only female prime minister is facing a backlash over a tweet calling it “demeaning” when female broadcasters wear sleeveless dresses. “Bare arms undermine credibility and gravitas!" she wrote.