Canada’s population surges to 37 million people thanks to immigration, Senate passes landmark PTSD bill, and Donald Trump is no longer being called a “dotard” in North Korea.

1. Roll call

Canada’s population has officially surpassed the 37-million mark largely due to robust immigration numbers.

Statistics Canada confirmed that, as of April 1, Canada’s population is 37,067,011, bringing it close to the populations of California, the Greater Tokyo Area and Poland.

2. Confronting PTSD

Canada will roll out its first federal plan to address post-traumatic stress disorder after a private members' bill passed in the Senate Thursday.

The legislation aims to curb what the bill’s sponsor, Conservative MP Todd Doherty, calls an "epidemic" of suicides among people who have PTSD.

3. Hasta la vista, dotard

At the peak of tensions between the U.S. and North Korea, Donald Trump was labelled a “mentally deranged dotard” by Kim Jong Un.

Now, after the historic summit between the two leaders, North Korean media is describing Trump in a friendlier light, calling him by his official title, “President Donald J. Trump.” At one point, a newscaster went so far as to describe Kim and Trump as the "two supreme leaders" of their countries.