The latest on Canadian LAVs in Saudi Arabia, one man’s investment mistake during a volatile week for the Dow, and pricing pot across the country.

1. Canadian-made LAVs in Saudi Arabia

Last summer, news reports suggested Saudi Arabia had used light-armoured vehicles made by Newmarket, Ont.-based Terradyne Armoured Vehicles Inc. against its own people. But since launching an investigation into the matter, the federal government says it could not find evidence the LAVs were used to suppress the country’s Shiite minority. The investigation comes at a time when the government is being questioned about exporting arms to countries that have a bad track-record on human rights.

2. Investment horror story

The Dow Jones plummeted more than 1,000 points Thursday, entering “correction” territory. A 24-year-old financial analyst in Vancouver lost about $10,000 this week trying to take advantage of the market turmoil. When he saw the Dow plunging on Monday -- its single biggest daily point loss ever -- he started buying. It didn’t end well.

3. How much does pot cost?

As the legalization of marijuana approaches, current black market users want to know: How much will it cost? A new Statistics Canada study suggests Canadians pay, on average, less than $7 a gram for their illegal weed. The research is part of government efforts to get a snapshot of Canadian marijuana use, from the Northwest Territories to Nova Scotia.