Educators think riskier playgrounds will do your children a world of good, everything you need to know about new Ontario PC leader Doug Ford, and a French fashion icon passes away at 91.

1. Playgrounds with perils

Imagine a playground littered with loose bricks, lumber, hammers, nails and saws and ringed by jagged boulders and thorny bushes. While this might seem like a lawsuit waiting to happen, educators in countries like the United Kingdom are intentionally adding such elements of risk to their playgrounds to help make children more resilient.

2. The face of Ford Nation

Propelled to prominence on the shoulders of his controversial late brother, former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, businessman Doug Ford has been named the leader of Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Party. From Doug Ford’s populism to his policy positions, here are five things you need to know about the man vying to be premier.

3. Loss of a luminary

From Hollywood to starlets like Audrey Hepburn to American First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy, Hubert de Givenchy spent nearly seven decades dressing the most prominent women in the world. The famed French fashion designer passed away Saturday at his home near Paris. He was 91.