The Canadian government recalls diplomats’ families from Cuba over mysterious brain injuries, the prime minister’s national security advisor defends his handling of the Atwal incident and global warming is increasingly causing predators and prey to miss each other at dinnertime.

1. Diplomatic dilemma

The Canadian government has recalled family members of diplomats serving in Cuba over numerous unexplained brain injuries that have also affected U.S. embassy workers.

2. The Atwal incident

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's national security adviser is defending what he characterized as his decision to brief reporters on the Atwal incident in India, saying he did it to counter "co-ordinated misinformation" he worried was damaging to the Canadian government.

3. Missed mealtimes

Researchers say global warming is messing up Mother Nature’s dinnertime, causing ravenous predators and their prey to show up where they’re expected at increasingly different times.