TORONTO -- Canada has more than 78,000 total cases and more than 39,000 recoveries. Here’s what else you need to know to start your day.

1. Jet crash: As an investigation into the crash of a Snowbird jet in Kamloops unfolds, some are calling for the permanent grounding of the iconic Tutor jets that have served the military aerobatics team for close to 50 years. 

2. Pipeline promise: Joe Biden's campaign threw a wrench into Alberta's post-pandemic recovery strategy Monday, with a promise to rip up U.S. President Donald Trump's approvals for the Keystone XL pipeline if the former vice-president succeeds in taking over the White House next year. 

3. Road to recovery: More than half of Canada’s COVID-19 patients have fully recovered from the virus, according to Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, marking a new milestone in the first wave of the country’s outbreak. 

4. Test subjects: Thousands of healthy volunteers, including hundreds of Canadians, are willing to be injected with a potential vaccine and then purposely become infected with COVID-19 to test if it works. 

5. Child care: As provinces begin the slow process of reopening the economy, a continued freeze on most child-minding services is shedding light on what experts describe as a child care crisis, one that is preventing parents from returning to the workforce in some cases. 

One more thing…

Looking back: What is the last "normal" photo on your phone? This simple question, posed in a tweet this week, has led thousands to share a window into their lives before the pandemic. 

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