Boeing's CEO has admitted for the first time that flaws in the Boeing 737 Max 8 contributed to last year's Lion Air crash and the Ethiopian Airlines crash in March. Here's what else you need to know to start your day.

1. Boeing crashes: For the families of Canadians killed in the Ethiopian Airlines crash, Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg's admission in front of U.S. Congress that the company "made mistakes" mostly fell flat.

2. Liberal minority: Sources tell CTV News that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has tapped Albertan and former Liberal deputy prime minister Anne McLellan and Canada's Ambassador to France, Quebecer Isabelle Hudon, to help his team transition into a second term.

3. Free speech: Hundreds of people crowded outside a downtown Toronto library to protest a sold-out event by a controversial writer with transphobic views who many protesters say never should have been allowed to speak at the public institution.

4. Cannabis consumption: After a year of being able to purchase cannabis legally from age 18, the Quebec government has passed a bill changing the legal age of consumption to 21 in a move critics say will only drive the illicit market.

5. Dorian aftermath: It's been nearly two months since Hurricane Dorian hammered the Bahamas, killing dozens of people and levelling homes. Since then, little has changed as the island nation struggles to rebuild.

One more thing…

Snooze rooms: In Spain, it's called a siesta. In Japan, many office buildings have sound-proof pods for a quick midday snooze. Now, Canada's first napping studio has opened in Toronto, offering over-tired workers a place to recharge during the workday.

Nap it up, beds