TORONTO -- Canada has more than 27,500 active cases of COVID-19, and more than 72,000 cases considered recovered. Here's what else you need to know to start your day.

1. RCMP lawsuit: Following a 31-year career with the RCMP, Margorie Hudson is suing the force, alleging systemic racism including unequal pay, lack of opportunities and years of discrimination that culminated in lasting psychological trauma. 

2. COVID-19 on flights: According to the federal government, COVID-19 cases have been reported among passengers on 10 domestic flights and 16 international flights since June 29, and officials say that list is not exhaustive. 

3. Fake exemption cards: Canada's human rights watchdog says no Canadian should use what it describes as fake cards claiming to grant medical exemptions from wearing face masks in public. 

4. Hairstylist cases: Researchers say the case of two hairstylists who developed symptoms of COVID-19 and then saw 139 clients before they stopped working, seemingly without transmitting their infection to any of them, demonstrates the effectiveness of mandatory face mask policies.

5. Working from home: New data from Statistics Canada suggests that more Canadians will be working from home once the COVID-19 pandemic is over as a growing number of employers report that staff can do their jobs remotely. 

One more thing…

Transgender pastor: An Ontario pastor who came out to her congregation as a transgender woman last month hopes her sermon will inspire others to feel accepted and embrace their own "truth." 

Pastor Junia Joplin